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February 29, 2012

Receive Your Celebrity Smile Makeover in Atlanta

Tom Cruise certainly has a lot to smile about. We’re not just talking about his successes as an actor and producer, but his smile enhancements gave him a new grin worthy of the spotlight. Dr. Pate can transform your smile so you, too, can achieve a superstar beam.

Tom Cruise’s Smile Makeover

You may recall a young Tom Cruise in The Outsiders. You may also remember his unappealing smile. It appeared as if each tooth was stained and going in a different direction. Some of his teeth were overlapping and his enlarged front tooth was twisted at an uncomfortable angle. Since then, Tom’s smile has undergone major dental and orthodontic work.

During a trip to the orthodontist with one of his children, the actor discovered that his jaw and teeth were out of alignment. At age 39, the star decided to use orthodontic treatments to adjust his teeth. He wore clear braces with only the connecting wire visible. Fortunately for you, Dr. Pate offers Invisalign clear aligners, so you can invisibly straighten your teeth without any connecting wires or uncomfortable brackets.


January 20, 2012

Smiling is Good for You

Psychologists and physiologists have been studying the science behind smiling. Smiles increase your perceived attractiveness, enhance personal relationships, and help you in all aspects of your life. Non-verbal communication is an integral part of our daily lives and smiles are one of the most powerful forms of unspoken interaction between people. With just a simple smile, you can make others feel happier and more comfortable around you. Below are a few facts about smiles.

Fun Smile Facts

  • It takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. Being grumpy is more work!
  • Smiling is universal among people throughout the world.
  • When you smile, your body releases endorphins which boost your mood and energy.
  • Females tend to smile more often than males.
  • Newborn babies are even able to smile.
  • People with a pleasant smile are more likely to be promoted in their careers.
  • Forcing a smile can lower stress levels which then positively affects your immune system and blood pressure.
  • If you smile often, people will smile back. Psychologists believe we mimic the behavior of people around us. (more…)

October 26, 2011

5 Reasons to Smile!

A simple smile can make a big difference. Smiling helps you live longer, improves your attractiveness, and reduces stress levels. People love to be around happy folks, and smiling is good for the soul.

Why Should I Smile?

1.       Smiling changes our mood. When you’re feeling blue, have you ever tried just smiling? Putting on a simple smile can trick your mind and body into being in a better mood. So turn that frown upside, and you will have a better day.

2.       Smiling relieves stress. When we are stressed, it shows all over the face and body. The jaw starts to clench, lines appear on the face, muscles tense up, and we looked tired and worn. A smile can relieve that tension and help you relax. Sometimes, when dealing with stress, the best thing to do is take a moment to smile and calm down, and you’ll realize that everything is going to be alright.

3.       Smiling makes you look younger and more attractive. We are all searching for the Fountain of Youth to maintain vibrant, youthful beauty forever. Smiling big can do the trick– the muscles we use to smile lift our face, so it’s like having a natural face lift. People are also drawn to others who emit warmth and kindness, so wearing a smile can also make you popular.

4.       Smiling helps you stay positive. It’s hard to think negatively when you have a smile on your face—just try it. When your body looks happy, but your mind is thinking unhappy thoughts, it’s hard to continue to stay negative. Keep depression and negative thoughts away by smiling.

5.       Smiling makes you look successful. We all strive to be successful and taken seriously. Right now, finding a job is hard enough because of the poor economy. Put a big smile on your face when you go in for that interview, and you’ll improve your chances of making a great impression. Smiling will help you stand apart from the other applicants. Your future employer will be impressed if you have a genuine smile.

Smiling can make differences in your life. It can help you become happy, healthy, and confident, so why not get the best treatment for your smile? If you’d like brighter, bolder, more attractive teeth, schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Peter Pate at Dentistry in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, today. Call 404-266-9424 to find out what he can do to increase your face value.

May 31, 2011

Kick the Habit

Are you a tobacco user? This is a great time to kick the habit!  The American Cancer Society recently stated that 90 percent of people with oral cancer used at least one form of tobacco.

In addition to cancer, tobacco products increase the risk of gum disease, discolor your teeth, give you bad breath, slow your healing after an oral procedure, and can cause white patches and scar tissue inside the mouth.

The tobacco industry recently introduced a dissolvable tobacco product for smokers to use in establishments that ban smoking. The marketing led consumers to believe that smokeless tobacco and dissolvable tobacco products are less harmful than pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. However, snuff, chewing tobacco, and dissolvable tobacco contain more nicotine than cigarettes, thus making them more addictive.

Nicotine is bad enough, but consider the added chemicals that increase the risk of throat, oral, and esophageal cancers.  These products contain cyanide, arsenic, sand, grit, sugars, and sweeteners that irritate gums, generating a higher risk of gum disease.  Gum disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss.

Kicking the habit now will reduce your potential for gum disease. When left untreated, gum disease increases the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, pre-term births, low birth-weight babies, and oral cancer.

I’m Dr. Peter Pate of Dentistry in Buckhead, and I encourage you to be aware of oral cancer and give up tobacco products forever.  Improve the quality of your life, and those of your friends and loved ones!  If you need help quitting, or if you need your teeth whitened after you quit, contact my Atlanta dental office at (404)266-9424 to schedule an appointment. I care for patients in Buckhead and the greater Atlanta area.

January 7, 2011

Turn a Few Heads with a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

It has been said that a person’s smile is the first thing others notice. I am Dr. Peter Pate and, as a dentist in the Atlanta area, I couldn’t agree more.

It has been proven that people tend to base their first impressions on the quality of your smile. In fact, people who have bright, healthy-looking smiles tend to achieve more in almost all aspects of their lives, especially professionally.

Many of my patients are surprised to hear this. It seems like in our modern day and age, people tend to obsess over their weight, hair color/style, skin tone, clothing, and other aspects of their physical appearance. The truth is, when it comes to first impressions, a beautiful smile says it all!

My team at Dentistry in Buckhead is here to help. Obviously, a healthy, beautiful smile can take you far. The mouth is often referred to as the window to the body because oral health has such a large impact on overall health. A healthy mouth that functions properly helps to ensure the overall health of your body.  Let’s face it, healthy people tend to be happier. Speaking of faces, having a well constructed smile affects more than just your mouth. Your whole face will benefit from a beautiful smile — including your eyes, which are the second thing people notice about a new acquaintance.

I offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options if you feel that is the best way for you to achieve a sparkling smile. I will be happy to sit down with you at a consultation to discuss your dental goals and possible treatment plans.

Make it your new year’s resolution to achieve a healthy, dazzling smile, and you’ll be unstoppable. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact my office at (404) 266-9424.

July 27, 2010

Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz for an Unforgettable Smile in Buckhead Atlanta

You’ve always wanted an attractive smile. And with good reason. The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry released a poll that tells us, people with an attractive smile are considered more friendly, successful, and intelligent. Another study, this one by Kelton Research, showed that after teeth whitening, job applicants were more likely to get hired and get paid more. When you look at it this way, cosmetic dentistry is a practical solution to enhance your image, which can improve your opportunity in social, romantic, and professional circles.

As a family and cosmetic dentist in Buckhead Atlanta, I offer many conservative esthetic treatments that can give you the smile you want…the smile that will help you achieve and exceed your life’s goals. You can visit the cosmetic dentistry page on my main website, but before your cosmetic dentistry consultation, take this short quiz to assess your smile. Your answers will help me determine the very best procedures to meet your unique needs.

First, brush and floss your teeth, remove your makeup, and get a hand mirror. Sit down in a quiet, comfortable area, and have a pen and paper handy to jot down your answers. Then look at your smile. Really look at it. (more…)