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Emergency Dentist – Atlanta, GA

Don’t Wait to Get the Care You Need

Woman covering mouth

A dental emergency is any situation where the teeth have been severely damaged and/or a person is experiencing significant oral pain. Whatever the case, one thing remains the same: immediate treatment is essential. You may not know what to do when you’re in the middle of a dental emergency because no one ever expects it to happen to them; however, it’s more common than you might realize. If you or a loved one need immediate care, your emergency dentist in Buckhead is here for you.

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Woman in pain at emergency dentist in Buckhead

Dental emergencies often occur without any warning, such as when there’s trauma or an injury. Other times, they result from an untreated dental issue that has been brewing in your mouth, like a cavity. No matter the cause, you need a dentist right away.

Our team is fully trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of dental emergencies, and when you call, we’ll spring into action. We can provide advice over the phone, first-aid tips, and even urgent same-day dental care. While you wait, here’s how to care for a few of the most common situations at home:


A toothache often indicates a serious problem, like an infection. If it’s not treated, you could lose your tooth, so you might need a root canal. While you wait for your appointment, use an over-the-counter pain reliever to manage your discomfort.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth is more than just an aesthetic concern. It will need to be treated with cosmetic bonding or a crown. If the damage is too severe, the tooth may need to be removed. It’s best to avoid chewing with your tooth and keep it clean until after it has been repaired.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can often be saved if you act fast. Hold it by the crown and rinse it with water and try to reinsert it back into the socket. If you aren’t successful, place it in a cup of milk and head to our office.

Lost Filling/Crown

Never try to fix your restoration on your own. Instead, keep your tooth clean and don’t chew with it until after it has been replaced.

How to Prevent Common Dental Emergencies

Model representing a chipped front tooth.

You can’t fully prevent dental emergencies, but there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of one:

  • Maintain your oral hygiene at home.
  • Wear an athletic mouthguard if you play sports.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year.
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools.
  • Don’t chew on inedible objects.

Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Older woman smiling after seeing emergency dentist.

There isn’t a set fee for emergency care because the cost is based on your individual treatment plan. We’ll provide you with an estimate and discuss your payment options, like using your dental insurance. We’ll help you find the solutions you need to keep your care affordable to restore a healthy smile.

Should you or a loved one ever experience a dental emergency, be sure to take a second to calm yourself, and then call our office. You can trust that we’ll be there when you need us the most.