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January 5, 2012

What Do Your Teeth Say About You?

Your smile says a lot about you. It’s a proven fact that people with attractive, healthy smiles are perceived to be friendly and intelligent and are more likely to be promoted at work, earn more money, and have personal and professional success.

Buckhead dentist Dr. Peter Pate knows the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile. Take a look at the dental characteristics below and see if your dental traits match your personality traits.

The Shape of Your Teeth

Your front two top teeth are called the central incisors and serve as the center of your smile. They also indicate age. Younger people tend to have rectangular-shaped central incisors with rounded corners, while the central incisors of older people often become square with square corners as they shorten with age.

The teeth to the immediate left and right of your central incisors are called lateral incisors, and they indicate gender. Women have lateral incisors that are slightly shorter than the central incisors and rounded at the tips. Men, on the other hand, tend to have lateral incisors that are close to the same length as the central incisors and are more square-shaped.

The teeth to the immediate left and right of your lateral incisors are called the eye, or canine teeth, and they indicate personality traits. Aggressive and powerful people tend to have pointier, more prominent lateral incisors that are longer than the eye teeth. Passive people tend to have flattened or rounded cuspids, which make the eye teeth less prominent, while people who are classified as “pushovers” often have small teeth in general.

We Want to See You

Do your teeth match your traits? We want to see you in our Atlanta dentist office this year for all of your dental needs, whether they are general and preventive, restorative, or cosmetic. To reserve an appointment with Dr. Pate, call Dentistry in Buckhead at (404) 266-9424 or visit us online at