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March 27, 2012

Celebrity Dental Disasters

Has your favorite celebrity received a smile makeover? Cosmetic dental services can beautify your smile, but if not done properly by your experienced Atlanta dentist, treatments could leave your teeth looking unnatural and unhealthy. Let’s take a look at how a visit to Dr. Pate can help you avoid the following dental disasters.

Unnatural-Looking Veneers

After chipping her teeth on microphones, actress and singer Hilary Duff received a set of porcelain veneers to hide her imperfections. Unfortunately for Duff, her new teeth looked too big and too long. She later returned to her cosmetic dentist for a redo, and she now has the beautiful, natural-looking smile she flaunts today. To prevent an odd-looking, oversized smile, Dr. Pate will take impressions of your teeth and gums to create the perfect size and shape for your veneers. A dental ceramist will hand-sculpt your veneers to complement your mouth and face appropriately.

Over-Whitening Teeth

As you age, your teeth begin to show signs of wear, one of which is discoloration. Regis Philbin is just one of many celebrities who displays a bright white smile despite his years. Philbin’s smile, however, some people consider too white. If you over-whiten your teeth, it can cause sensitivity, irritation, erosion, and further discoloration. A pageant-white smile can look fake on an aging adult. Luckily for you, Dr. Pate offers professional in-office or take-home bleaching treatments to safely and effectively brighten your smile to the perfect shade. Some cosmetic dentists believe that Philbin’s blinding smile is the result of veneers—not bleaching—but either way, the shade of white you choose should look completely natural. (more…)

A white smile – the perfect wedding day accessory

Are you planning your spring or summer wedding? You’ve probably considered how you want your hair, makeup, dress, and decorations to look—but what about your smile? Dr. Peter Pate’s cosmetic services can keep your smile bright through all your wedding photographs and festivities.

Brightening Before the Big Day

According to SHAPE Magazine, many brides wish they had a whiter smile for their wedding. It’s your day to shine, and your smile is no exception. If you need whiter teeth, Dr. Pate can remove discolorations with whitening treatments, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers to keep your smile bright. If you need straighter teeth, follow in the footsteps of celebrity Katherine Heigl, who used Invisalign to straighten her teeth before her nuptials. Make sure you plan your cosmetic treatments ahead of time so you can adjust to your new smile.

Smiling During the Ceremony

You’ll be surrounded by photographers as you stand at the altar. You’re already nervous about tripping down the aisle, so don’t let your imperfect smile add to your stresses. A beautiful smile will not only look good in photos and memories, but will also improve your confidence. When it comes to the “I do” moment, be sure to keep your lips hydrated and your breath fresh to enjoy the big kiss.

You should also make sure that your pre-wedding planning doesn’t stress you out and cause you to neglect your dental needs. To keep your smile healthy and beautiful before, during, and after your wedding, visit Dr. Pate. Contact Dentistry in Buckhead at (404) 266-9424 to schedule an appointment for your big day.  We welcome patients from Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Lenox, Brookhaven, Atlanta, and surrounding communities.

March 23, 2012

Second Opinions From Your Atlanta Dentist

You need to fully understand the condition of your mouth to make a well-informed decision about dental treatment. If you don’t feel confident with your diagnosis or the information you have received from a dental professional, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with Dr. Pate and seek a second opinion. There is no insult in seeking a second opinion — in fact, if you’re not comfortable with Dr. Pate’s treatment recommendation, he wants you to get a second opinion!

Benefits of a Second Opinion

A second opinion allows a new dentist to examine your mouth with a fresh perspective. Dentists have different training, backgrounds, philosophies, and techniques, so a new set of expert eyes can provide additional information to help you understand your situation and options. Here are a few advantages that you may receive from your second opinion:

  • Further oral health information and explanation
  • Alternate treatment options
  • A different diagnosis
  • Different treatment costs
  • Peace of mind
  • Cosmetic recommendations

If the second opinion differs from the first opinion, consider seeking a third opinion to help balance your options and make the best decision for your health.


March 22, 2012

Are You a Sleeping Beauty?

We have discussed the importance of getting a good night’s sleep to keep your body strong and healthy, but there may be another reason you want to stay rested. A recent survey from Sweden shows that getting an adequate amount of sleep can help make you more attractive. Dr. Pate can help resolve your sleep problems so you can really get your “beauty sleep.”

Researchers asked observers to rate a series of photographs. Each participant had two photos—one taken after a good night’s sleep, and one taken after being awake for 31 hours. The observers rated the participants in the sleep-deprived photos as less healthy, less attractive, and more tired.

So how does sleep make you look more attractive? First of all, sleep gives your body the energy it needs to function properly throughout the day. If you stay awake all night, you won’t feel refreshed the next day and your body will feel sluggish. When it comes to appearance, sleep deprivation often leaves bags under your eyes and droopy skin. On the contrary, when your body is well-rested, your eyes will appear wider and your facial muscles will lift.


March 15, 2012

Alternative Dental Terms

Dentistry has many different terms that can all mean the same thing. Just for fun, let’s take a look at some of the terms that Dr. Pate or others may use to discuss your teeth, mouth, and smile.

Alternative Names for Teeth

Your teeth have different shapes and different purposes. When Dr. Pate is examining your mouth, he may use specific names for your teeth. If he uses any of the following terms, they all generally mean “teeth.”

  • Pearly Whites
  • Bicuspids
  • Molars
  • Third molars
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Canines
  • Incisors
  • Chompers/Choppers
  • Fangs
  • Tusks


March 13, 2012

Remove Stains and Enjoy a Brighter Smile!

Are you frustrated with your over-the-counter whitening kit because it’s taking too long to brighten your smile? If you have stubborn tooth stains that you just can’t remove, it’s time to contact your Atlanta cosmetic dentist. Dr. Peter Pate offers many cosmetic treatments that can enhance your smile and eliminate those deep tooth discolorations.

Whiten Your Teeth

Dr. Pate offers two forms of professional whitening. First, we can remove discolorations with the Zoom!  in-office whitening treatment. Dr. Pate will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and use an ultraviolet light to lighten your teeth up to eight to ten shades—in just one visit!

Our second option, at-home whitening, is for those who prefer to brighten at their own pace. Ask Dr. Pate for a take-home whitening kit. You will fill the tray with a special whitening formula (provided by Dr. Pate) and wear your trays for a specified time.

Professional teeth whitening services use stronger whitening formulas than over-the-counter treatments, so you will see results and remove those stubborn stains in minimal time. Additionally, Dr. Pate will supervise your treatment to ensure that your teeth, gums, lips, and whole mouth are safe during the process.


March 8, 2012

Men vs. Women: Who Has Better Oral Health?

It’s the battle of the sexes! Men and women have different environmental, lifestyle, and behavioral factors that influence their oral health. Let’s take a look at some common gender differences that can affect your mouth.

Regular Hygiene

Women, in general, tend to pay more attention to their health and body. When it comes to oral hygiene, women are 26% more likely to floss on a daily basis, and 57% of women will brush twice a day. Additionally, about 53% of women brush their teeth at the workplace, compared with 37% of men. Only about 49% of men will brush twice daily. Due to their lack of preventive dental care, men are more likely to develop gum disease. Women are more likely to follow routine checkup schedules to keep their health in line, and they have a more positive attitude toward dental visits. They are also more likely to schedule a doctor visit when feeling sick or injured, while men will often try to fix an injury or problem on their own.


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