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March 13, 2012

Remove Stains and Enjoy a Brighter Smile!

Are you frustrated with your over-the-counter whitening kit because it’s taking too long to brighten your smile? If you have stubborn tooth stains that you just can’t remove, it’s time to contact your Atlanta cosmetic dentist. Dr. Peter Pate offers many cosmetic treatments that can enhance your smile and eliminate those deep tooth discolorations.

Whiten Your Teeth

Dr. Pate offers two forms of professional whitening. First, we can remove discolorations with the Zoom!  in-office whitening treatment. Dr. Pate will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and use an ultraviolet light to lighten your teeth up to eight to ten shades—in just one visit!

Our second option, at-home whitening, is for those who prefer to brighten at their own pace. Ask Dr. Pate for a take-home whitening kit. You will fill the tray with a special whitening formula (provided by Dr. Pate) and wear your trays for a specified time.

Professional teeth whitening services use stronger whitening formulas than over-the-counter treatments, so you will see results and remove those stubborn stains in minimal time. Additionally, Dr. Pate will supervise your treatment to ensure that your teeth, gums, lips, and whole mouth are safe during the process.

Hide Tooth Discolorations

If you have extremely porous teeth and deep stains that just won’t budge, we may not be able to completely remove your discolorations. But don’t panic—porcelain veneers and bonding can cover the outer surface of your teeth to mask your imperfections. Porcelain veneers are ceramic restorations that are crafted in a dental lab to fit your mouth and enhance the appearance of your smile. Veneers are recommended to hide major tooth defects, including stains, gaps, misalignments, and chips. Bonding, on the other hand, is perfect for minor blemishes and can be completed in one office visit. During bonding, Dr. Pate will apply a liquid composite resin to your teeth. After blending and shaping the resin to match your natural tooth appearance, he will harden the material with a curing light. Both treatment options will restore your white smile.

If your teeth are discolored or flawed, Dr. Pate’s cosmetic services can brighten your smile, improving your appearance, confidence, and overall oral health. Contact Dentistry in Buckhead at (404) 266-9424 to request a cosmetic consultation.  We serve patients from Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Lenox, Brookhaven, Atlanta, and surrounding communities.