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November 23, 2011

What is the Wishbone?

Breaking the wishbone is a popular Thanksgiving tradition. You may have battled your siblings for a shot at the wishbone pull since you were a kid, but how much do you know about the history of the wishbone?

1. What is the wishbone?

a. The collarbone
b. The rib
c. The leg

2. What animal’s bones were believed to have supernatural powers in medieval Europe?

a. Turkey
b. Chicken
c. Goose

3. Who started the Thanksgiving tradition of breaking the wishbone?

a. Your grandparents
b. The Pilgrims
c. The president

4. What is commonly believed to happen when you get the bigger half of the wishbone?

a. You get money
b. You’re unlucky
c. Your wish will come true

5. What is another name for the wishbone?

a. The lucky bone
b. The merrythought
c. The bone of thanks


  1. A. The wishbone is the clavicle part of the bird that rests over the breastbone.
  2. C. Ancient European belief was that goose bones could predict the severity of the winter.
  3. B. The Pilgrims brought the European belief that a goose bone could bring good luck, but they adapted the idea to the turkey during Thanksgiving.
  4. C. The bigger half of the wishbone gets you the “lucky break,” or a wish that will come true.
  5. B. The “merrythought” is the older, original term for the bone; “wishbone” was adapted by American tradition of wishing on the bone.

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