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November 17, 2011

Turkey Talk

The turkey will probably be the main dish at your Thanksgiving feast. How much do you really know about the bird you’re going to gobble?

Test your turkey trivia.

1.   Who preferred the turkey as the national symbol of America, instead of the bald eagle?

a. Christopher Columbus
b. Benjamin Franklin
c. George Washington

2.   True or False? A female turkey is called a chicken.

3. What is a baby turkey called?

a. Poult
b. Pup
c. Turk

4.   What is a male turkey called?

a. Rooster
b. Chicken
c. Tom

5.   Christopher Columbus believed the turkey was a member of what bird family?

a. Chicken
b. Peacock
c. Duck

6. What is the turkey’s collarbone called?

a. Lucky bone
b. Charm bone
c. Wishbone


  1. B. Benjamin Franklin. Franklin believed the eagle was a coward, and the turkey was a much better representative symbol.
  2. False. A female turkey is called a hen.
  3. A. Poult. A baby turkey is called a “poult,” short for “poultry.”
  4. C. Tom. A male turkey is called a “tom,” or sometimes a “gobbler.”
  5. B. Peacock. Columbus thought the bird he discovered was a type of peacock.
  6. C. Wishbone. The collarbone is called a wishbone, and many people break it in half as a Thanksgiving tradition. It is believed that the person with the bigger half will have a wish come true.

After celebrating Turkey Day, make sure you floss afterwards for National Flossing Day. Also, remember to visit Dr. Pate to remove turkey pieces stuck between your teeth, and keep your mouth healthy throughout all the holiday feasts. Contact Dentistry in Buckhead at 404-266-9424 to schedule an appointment.