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October 1, 2010

Never at a Loss with Dental Floss

Dental floss. It comes in round, flat, mint, unflavored, green, white, blue. Your dentist and hygienist urge you to floss daily to protect against plaque buildup and gum disease. So, every morning, you stand in front of the mirror and diligently try to perform oral gymnastics with dental floss.

Dental floss is what it is, an important tool for your oral health… But is it more? YES!

We’ve found some creative uses for this nearly indestructible dental string. Check it out:

  • Fly a balloon
  • Save your spot with a bookmark that’s minty fresh
  • Clean the nooks and crannies in jewelry
  • Cut slices of cake or dough
  • Escape from jail (this one’s a secret)
  • Hang Christmas ornaments
  • Catch fish in a pinch with this fishing line
  • Hang clothes to dry
  • Repair a broken shoelace
  • Hang shower brushes and squeegies (it’s waterproof)
  • Separate stuck photos
  • Hang pictures or wind chimes
  • Play cat’s cradle
  • Sew industrial strength items or buttons
  • String beads
  • Support those lazy plants
  • String popcorn for the holidays
  • Tie a ponytail
  • Clean a hair brush (thread thru an upholstery needle, then push through the bristles and pull upward)
  • Tie a stuffed turkey
  • Tie packages

The next time you floss, think about ways you can use dental floss outside of the bathroom. Think like a kid; you’ll come up with something clever! Post your ideas as a blog comment or on our Facebook page. Keep an extra box of floss in your purse, pocket or car.  You never know when dental floss will save the day!

Until next time, keep flossing!  Click here to learn about proper flossing techniques.