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November 30, 2011

Fruit cake: The dreaded holiday dessert

You cannot escape a grocery store during the holiday season without seeing fruit cake. This traditional treat is chock full of nuts and sticky dried fruits and seems unappealing to most. Although the taste alone is enough to turn many away, there are actually some other health reasons to re-gift this bready brick this year.

The truth is, fruit cake can secretly destroy your smile. Many people use candied or dried fruit to bake into their loaves. These fruit pieces can be sticky and sugary, causing tooth decay or even pulling out fillings! In addition, some varieties have hard nuts blended in with the cake. When you accidentally bite down on a nut, it could cause a tooth to chip or crack. If you choose to indulge in this devious delectable, make sure the cake is cooked well enough to soften the ingredients, and chew carefully!

If you happen to like fruit cake, there is good news!  A loaf can be rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, iron, and protein.  For example, one small serving of fruitcake provides 11 percent of your daily recommended intake of iron, and 12 percent of your daily fiber.

December 27th is National Fruitcake Day. We hope you escape this treat unscathed, but if you fall victim to the dreaded fruit cake and damage your teeth, you should visit the dentist. To keep your mouth healthy for the holidays, visit Dr. Pate. Contact Dentistry in Buckhead at 404-266-9424 to schedule an appointment.